2GIG Motion Detector

SKU: 2GIG-PIR4-433

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The 2GIG Wireless motion sensor covers a room approximately 100 sqm in size it has built in Pet Immunity and will ignore pets up to 27Kg.

The wireless motion sensor should be installed in ground floor rooms and at minimum 1 at the top of the stairs in a landing area in a 2 story home.

Installation Location:

MUST BE INSTALLED AT A HEIGHT 2.4m to function satisfactorily. Ideally in the corner of a room that you want to cover with respect to the size. If larger than 100sqm (10m x 10m) room, need to add an addition motion sensor located diagonally opposite in a corner. If the room is smaller than 100sqm there is no issue with coverage. Ideally to not face windows. Compatible with 2GIG only.

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