Builders and Developers

The self-contained 2GIG and DSC wireless security panels are a standalone solution that blends traditional burglar alarm functionality with modest home automation and remote control capabilities via the optional mobile app. on any laptop, iPhone or Android powered smartphone.

All our solutions can be customised to your specific requirements or let us know and we can design a solution to fit.

A basic system can be installed in less than 30 min. No onsite knowledge of programming is required. The electrical contractor can easily install, as all the technical programming has been completed in our facility prior to shipping. Project pricing is available. Please enquire for further information.


There is an added benefit, not only can you supply a solution to your prospective clients, you can also secure the your building site, workers and your client premises during the build. Be notified of when your workers arrive to site, when they leave!!, Facilitate deliveries, Secure the site on weekends. When you add the Video motion add-on, you can set up alerts to notify you of any out of hours access, vandalism or breakins onsite by having video clips sent to your email and or look in at anytime to see who is onsite.

Multiple Building Sites

Control and grant access to all sites through our enterprise solution. Remotely manage and control all sites through smartphone or pc. Grant access restrict access to employees, contractors etc.

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