People who live in Units or apartments never think that they’ll be the victim of a burglary.

ROJAC Interactive Security Solutions 2GIG and DSC are the perfect security panels for rental properties. All wireless devices can be self installed with removable 3M double sided tape, All devices can be easily removed when you move out of the premises.

Both control panels have a desk mount solution which makes it easy to have on a kitchen counter, night stand or entry way table. This means that no items need to be installed on the walls of the rented premises so therefore you do not leaving any holes that need to be patched and painted when you move out. And best of all you can easily remove and take your system with you!! Just remember to let us know that you have moved.

No need to worry about running wires can be installed at anytime!! so protect your home today by purchasing one of our Prepackaged DIY Solutions.

See our DIY Prepackaged solutions ready to purchase and install at your leisure today.
All our plans do not require a phone line to communicate. All associated data and mobile networks connectivity costs are all included in our interactive plans. No hidden fees EVER!!

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