Back To Base Alarm Monitoring

Back To Base Monitoring Security Alarm Systems

Rojac Provides back to base monitoring for all security alarm systems, We can also supply you with a logon to our control room portal so that you can see live events of your Security Alarm system. Useful for businesses to see what time employees arrived at work, or what time the kids arrived home, or the shop was opened, and when used in conjunction with CCTV security cameras and access control, it can be a powerful tool in keeping your employees in check! Would you like us to contact you? Please click here to complete our enquiry form below.

Just some of the advantages of back to base monitoring

ROJAC Security Alarm self monitoring

Can I have the security alarm system self monitored? With our Latest DIY Professional grade Security Packages, you can have total interactive control of the security alarm system self monitoring. There is a monthly fee attached to the self monitoring of our DIY Security packages, but the advantages far out weigh the associated costs. in addition to the self monitoring The back to base module can be added to the security alarm system package, the advantages of the back to base module is that your alarm information can be actioned should you not be able to do so, be out of mobile phone coverage. for example in the event of a duress alarm and a fire situation.

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How does the back to base monitoring work?

When the security alarm is in alarm situation. The security alarm transmits a signal to the base station. The ROJAC monitoring station receives the information within 2-5 seconds. This information can be transmitted through several types of Multiple communication paths, be it your existing landline, GSM (mobile phone network), GPRS(data IP) Ethernet. The ROJAC monitoring station then contacts the listed persons of contact, once verifying that they are speaking with the correct person, can then announce which areas zone(s) have gone into alarm. In turn corrective action can be taken. Some likely scenarios could be the kitchen motion sensor that went into alarm, or the smoke detector in the rumpus room, or the glass break detector in the downstairs office area, or the flood detector in the laundry, or the CO detector in the garage. Would you like us to contact you? Please click here to complete our enquiry form below.

The advantages of having an alarm system monitored back to a ROJAC monitoring centre

In the scary event of that you were at home or in the office alone and you heard that someone was attempting to break in you could press the panic buttons on the codepad or press the panic button on your wireless keyfob. This sends a duress signal to the monitoring station and can then be actioned with either a patrol or police to attend (special conditions apply regarding police attendance) Contact ROJAC to learn more.

If a smoke detector is in alarm the base station receives a fire zone and can then send the fire brigade if required. This fire alert facility can also be activated from the code pad.

If you were held up at your front door and told to disarm your alarm you can key in a duress code(set up by you). This will disarm the alarm and immediately communicate a duress state to the monitoring station, this can then be actioned, if it was back to your phone under self monitoring the system would communicate with you only.

The disadvantages of NOT having an alarm system monitored back to a ROJAC monitoring centre

Post an alarm event, you would return to your premises to see the blue strobe light flashing and the premises could well have been burgled, and worse of all you would not want to startle or confront the burglars still in your premises.

In the event of activation of the duress panic signal would go know where, you could opt to have the siren go off on the panic buttons being activated and hope that this startles the person(s) and have them leave.

If you are on holidays, You would be solely reliant on a neighbour or a passer by to notice that the security alarm system was in alarm. Statistics state that most alarms systems that go off and are not monitored are more an annoyance than a deterrent.

If you have smoke detectors installed on the security system and a fire eventuates, the security alarm system would not contact the ROJAC monitoring Centre and alert of the situation. you would be solely reliant on a passer by to notice that your premises was on fire, by this stage it may be to late.

Rojac provides 12month, 3 year, and 5 year monitoring packages. Rojac believes you will also see the benefit in the monitoring of your security alarm system as it completes the whole security of your premises and offer peace of mind

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