Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the list of frequently asked questions from our customers below:

Controller options 2GIG and DSC

Why is there 2 interactive controllers available 2GIG and DSC IMPASSA and what is the difference between them?

The DSC impassa is more traditional looking security system. It offer a few more security devices over the 2GIG, offers internal sirens and has available the revolutionary image sensor with built in motion sensor. The DSC has the same interactive add-ons (ZWAVE and Video Motion Cameras) available as the 2GIG .

The 2GIG controller has a built in colour touchscreen, the interface makes for a more user friendly experience. For both the 2GIG and the DSC options

Please Note

  • That each controller can only use its own security devices. Which means you cannot use a 2GIG motion Sensor on a DSC controller and vice versa
  • Only the DSC IMPASSA has the Image Sensor available 2GIG image sensor available MID 2016
  • All zwave devices and Video motion cameras are available for the 2GIG and DSC systems.

DIY Self install

How hard is it to install ROJAC’s DIY Self install solutions?

It is simple to install ROJAC Alarms preconfigured packages. We can assist you all the way and we also provide you with all the necessary installation videos post your purchase. If you change your mind you always have the option of our installation services (please note additional charges apply.

Can I customise the packages?

You sure can. You can add any of the following items to enhance your system additional Security devices, Automation Devices and Video motion devices (wifi onsite Required) to your 2GIG Go Controller or DSC Impassa controller.

How many Security detectors can I add to the system?

Each Security device (Motion sensor, door contact smoke detector etc.) is classified as 1 device (1 zone) you can have up to 48 security devices (zones) on your 2Gig go controller.

Can i use this for our business?

Absolutely It has many added benefits for business owners. Get notifications of late to opens if staff haven’t opened the business, remotely arm the system, disarm the system, set up a notification if the system in not armed by a certain time. Facilitate deliveries when you add a zwave lock to the system, Set up a 1 time code for a delivery and be notified instantly and have the video motion cameras send you a clip. Many more notifications can be set up for all kind of scenarios.

Can I have the System with Back to Base Monitoring?

Yes you can please contact ROJAC on 1300 668 004 to discuss options, There is an additional monthly fee.

Home Automationl

What Type of Z Wave automation devices are available to add to the system?

he are many Z wave automation devices available, The are locks with built in keypad, Air Conditioner controllers for both ducted and Split systems, Z Wave smart switches that plug into existing power points that can both dim light or switch appliances, In wall switches to control your lighting (available with dimmable version) Z Wave led Light bulbs for existing bayonet or screw in type light bulbs.

How many automation devices can I add the the system?

You can have up to 250 automation devices added to your 2Gig controller. The powered z wave devices help to strengthen the overall z wave network, therefore the more devices you have the stronger the network throughout the premises will be.

Need help to choose?

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