Complete DIY Solutions for your Home or Business

Welcome to Our DIY Security Store. ROJAC alarms is proud and excited to bring the interactive security world to you as a DIY self install solution.

All our packages still come with an option of installation if still desired. If you cannot find a packaged solution that fits your needs.
Please call on 1300 668 004 and or customise you own.

You can purchase a pre packaged interactive security solution for your home, business, rental property If you would like to explore further click on our DIY Package solutions below and choose your category for our prepackaged. The DIY Solution can be used for holiday homes as well or self managed rental accommodation.

If you are a Builder or Developer

If you are an Architect, Builder or Developer you may be eligible for further discounts on quantity, please visit our Builders & Developers page for available package or alternativelly enquire by submitting an enquiry form or call on 1300 668 004 for further information as we can cater for bulk discounts for larger projects.

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