Exit & Emergency Lighting

Exit & Emergency Lighting


Exit & Emergency Lighting

Exit and emergency lighting forms an integral part of all residential, commercial and retail buildings essential fire services. It required testing on a 6 monthly and 12 monthly basis.

ROJAC can design, supply, install and maintain exit and emergency lighting in your premises in compliance with AS2293.1 & AS2293.2. Certification on completion of testing can be provided

Exit and Emergency light testing must be carried out by a licensed electrician.

Need you building exit and emergency lighting inspected?

ROJAC is a licenced electrical contractor and can carry out the necessary inspection and repairs to your existing exit and emergency lighting assets within the premises. All testing is carried out in accordance with the standards.

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Fire inspection Companies


Need a licensed electrician to carry out repairs to exit and emergency lighting?

If you are a fire company and carry out inspections on exit and emergency lighting where repairs are required, ROJAC can supply and install exit and emergency lighting to the tested installation and provide certification post the installation that repairs have been carried out as per standards.


Certification requirements


Need to get compliant?

ROJAC can provide 6 and 12 monthly exit and emergency luminaire inspections, This ensure that you existing installation is fully operational and form an integral part of the essential fire services requirements.. ROJAC can carry out any remedial or repairs works to bring your system to the standard required for your building, as set by Australian Standards. Relevant log books and council certification will be supplied on compliance.