Sensors and Accessories for the 2GIG

Additional Sensors and Accessories for the 2GIG

The 2GIG image Sensor (Coming soon)

Powered by, the 2gig image sensor is a breakthrough new product that includes a wireless motion sensor PIR(Passive Infrared), an intergrated still camera, combined with interactive services. This Combination offers the customer better security with visual notifications and on demand motion activated images. Its integrated colour camera with Infrared LED flash captures images when motion is sensed day or night.

The Thin Door/Window Contact (2GIG‐DW14‐433)

You can easily stay connected to anyone in your home with a Wireless Indoor Camera. Peek in on family members or keep an eye on any service personnel who may be there. Our 2Gig Image Sensor is a new wireless product that includes a Passive Infrared Motion Sensor, an integrated still camera, to connect to our Interactive Services. This combination offers the customer better security with visual notifications and on-demand or motion-activated images.

Recessed Door Contact (2GIG-DW22R-433)

The Recessed Door Contact is the industry’s most flexible supervised door contact. It also allows a multitude of applications while hiding the transmitter within a door or window frame. Suitable for wooden doors and windows.

Glass Break Detector (2GIG-GB3-433)

The 2GIG Glass Break Detector (2GIG‐GB3‐433) is a fully‐supervised, tamper‐protected, ceiling‐ or wall‐mounted unit. The detector provides a 15 ft (4.6 m) maximum detection range, 360° maximum horizontal sensing angle, It can distinguish the sound of breaking glass from other common sounds found in homes and businesses. It can be used to protect area with alot of glass for example large windows sliding doors, balconies etc.

Wireless Smoke and Heat Alarm (2GIG-SMKT4-433)

The Wireless Smoke & Heat Alarm (2GIG‐SMKT4‐433) is a point‐type, wireless, battery powered alarm that detects excessive smoke and heat in buildings. The alarm uses photoelectric technology to detect the amount of scattered light caused by smoke particles from a fire. The heat alarm can be triggered by a quick rate of rise condition.

WP70A - Wireless Outdoor Siren for 2GIG PANEL

The wireless outdoor siren is compatible with the 2GIG panel. It comes onboard with 100dB siren. The built in strobe provides visual verification and warning that an emergency event has occured.

Wireless Keypad (2GIG-PAD3-433)

The Wireless Keypad (2GIG‐PAD3‐433) is a wall‐mounted unit designed for use as a secondary keypad for the 2GIG alarm system. It provides users with the following features: Arm the system in Stay or Away mode, Disarm the system, Activate Fire and Panic emergency functions.

4-Button Keyfob Remote (2GIG-KEY3-433)

The 4-Button Keyfob Remote (2GIG‐KEY3‐433) is a wireless, battery‐ powered key fob. It lets you arm and disarm your security system. The key fob’s compact design fits on a key chain and also includes a convenient wall/belt clip bracket. It also provides convenient options for the following. Arm the System for Stay and Away mode, Disarm the system, Trigger Panic alarms, Turn system controlled lights on and off.

Panic Button Remote (2GIG-PANIC3-433)

The Panic Button Remote (2GIG‐PANIC3‐433) is a compact, battery‐ powered, wireless panic button that transmits an Emergency signal from any location within range of the control panel. Users can mount the panic button in a convenient location in the wall or use one of these wearable options: lanyard, wristband, belt clip, and car‐visor clip. It is completely water‐resistant and also offers a five (5)‐second button lockout.

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