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Please find below the list of frequently asked questions from our customers below:

We have just finished renovations Can I install a security alarm in my home?

We have a totally wireless solutions for security alarm systems for your home, business retail and rental property

Is it possible to install a security alarm system on my moored boat?

Yes with our totally wireless Security solutions can be installed in any remote location with a mobile phone coverage. Cameras can also be incorporated to verify an alarm situation.

I am currently renting a property and want to install a security alarm in the premises but do not want to damage the property?

Yes a wireless Security alarm can be installed in a rental home without doing any damage to the existing building. When you leave the property you can also take it with you to your next property or home, you just need to let us know when you move.

Why is my alarm code pad beeping every 10 seconds?


I have just arrived home and set my alarm off and entered my code to disarm and the monitoring station did not call me Why?

When you have an alarm on entry the alarm communicated with the base station and as soon as you enter a valid code the base station receives a general opening signal post the alarm. From the base station This is classified as an alarm on entry that has been disarmed. They do not contact keyholders for this event.

I am going away on holiday and may not be in mobile phone range what do I do if the alarm goes off?

Go to our Support page and fill out the form with a person who will be able to support the system in your absence. The form will then be submitted on your behalf post verifying with you. If you have no one to assist, please contact ROJAC and we will assist in your absence with any alarms that your system may generate. Link to form

The reader LED light is out and the keyfob is not working or releasing the door?

Check the power supply is plugged in and power is on in if power on.

I have lost my key fob what do i do?

Contact ROJAC for a replacement.

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