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Sensors and Accessories for the DSC IMPASSA

IS214 Image Sensor Wireless PIR with Integrated Still Camera Exclusive with

The IS214 Image Sensor is a breakthrough new product that combines a wireless PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor, an integrated still camera, full wireless communications, and Interactive Services. The IS214 Image Sensor offers an entirely new service to customers designed to increase engagement through on-demand property views. Its integrated camera with infrared LED flash captures images when motion is sensed, even at night.

Wireless Motion Detector (pet Immune) WS4904P

The WS4904P is able to maximise catch performance while providing protection against false alarm sources such as radio interference, air vents and insects. Pet owners looking to be protected from false alarms can choose the WS4904P model version, a detector that is immune from pets weighing up to 60 lbs (27 kg).

Wireless Door/Window Contact WS4945

Regardless of the application, the compactly designed WS4945 wireless door/window contact should be every Homeowners first choice for covering any doors or windows that are easily accessible.

Wireless Glassbreak Detector WLS912L-433

“Smart” enough to distinguish the sound of breaking glass from other common sounds found in homes and businesses, the detector can determine all types of breaking framed glass (plate, float, tempered, wired and laminated) to cover the glass in windows, slide doors, balcony doors etc.

Life Saferty Detectors

Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector WS4916

Designed to provide reliable smoke detection, the WS4916 is a low- profile wireless photoelectric smoke detector that is ideal for difficult- to-wire residential or commercial applications. It is also AS3786 approved.

Flood Detector WS4985

Damage in a home or business due to flooding is one of the top claims to insurance companies. Not only can water completely destroy precious mementos, but it can also wreak havoc with structural items such as floors, walls and electrical systems.

2-Way Wireless Outdoor Siren WT4911

The WT4911 Wireless Outdoor Siren is a fully supervised wireless siren designed to work with the IMPASSA Wireless Panel. With its powerful 100dB sounder, the WT4911 will annunciate unwanted entrance to property and premises. The accompanying strobe light also provides a visual warning and deterrent upon activation. The WT4911 siren can be installed anywhere outdoors.

2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren WT4901

An indoor siren provides an alert to potential danger before a person moves too far into the home. With its powerful sounder, the WT4901 will annunciate these issues from its remote location. The WT4901 also distinguishes between burglar and fire alarm by emitting different sounds for each and indicates entry and exit delays, trouble beeps and uses multiple door chimes.

2-Way Wireless Wire-Free Keypad

The compact and sleek new WT5500 Wire-Free Keypad is designed to work with the IMPASSA Wireless Panel. This Allows the IMPASSA to be mounted in a secure location within the home. Homeowners have more choice in where keypads may be located throughout the home. up to 4 Keypads can be added to the IMPASSA.

2-Way Wireless Key WT4989

The WT4989 provides users with management of their IMPASSA Wireless Panel and the added confidence of portable personal protection – directly at their fingertips. Users can arm/disarm the system easily as they approach their house or call for help from anywhere inside or in close proximity to it.

1-Way 4 Button Wireless Key WS4939

The WS4939 4 Button wireless key will allow you to arm and disarm, as well as other keypad functions with the convenience of portability, The following functions are available Stay Arming, away arming, disarm and panic. Please note that this is a 1 way device unlike the WT4989 it cannot notify you of the current state of the system.

Wireless Repeater WS4920

The WS4920 Wireless Repeater delivers an easy-to-install wireless device that significantly extends the range for DSC 1-way wireless devices from the control panel/receiver and compensates for interference sources by improving the signal quality. The following are 1 way devices Wireless Motion Detector, Wireless Door/Window Contact, Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Flood Detector and Glass Break Detector.

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